Friday, 31 August 2007

dpi Magazine Taiwan

Volume 100 of the Taiwanese Design magazine includes an interview with yours truly.
Thanks Lulu and Sasha.
Check out some of the article online - look for page 78

UK Free Delivery at the Woody Store

Lots of lovely cards, prints and more at the online Woody Store.
All UK delivery is now free. Wicked.

He Spoke To Me In Japanese

Here's a little piece called 'He Spoke To Me In Japanese'. The writing says (hopefully) 'I don't speak Japanese'. When I was in Japan there were so many old American and English tv programmes, all dubbed in Japanese. I couldn't help watching them, even though I'm not what you call a fluent Japanese speaker.

The Search for Flying Fox

A new watercolour piece inspired by Melbourne. Fruit Bats aka Flying Foxes have been breeding like rabbits and I've heard the authorities are having to cull them. Oh no my furry friends. I shall miss you.

True Love World Duvet Available Online

Check out the lovely duvet covers from True Love Always.

Thursday, 16 August 2007