Sunday, 28 June 2009

A very hot Art Junky Market

Blimey it was very hot today.  Me and my mate Kate did Brighton's Art Junky Market in the Phoenix.  It was a little quiet to begin with, so we just seemed to eat lots of sweets and cherries and cakes.  Basically we ate a lot and then made up words on the calculator.  Luckily the punters came later - lots of people were digging the new wooden rulers and summer tees.
Thanks to all those that made it down.  Hopefully there will be a Christmas one too.

Thursday, 25 June 2009

Art Junky this Sunday

Come along to the seaside this weekend and pop along to the Art Junky market this Sunday at the Phoenix Gallery in Brighton.

I'm going to be having a greeting card sample sale and doing some fab deals on my new collection of tees.  It's only £1 admission and is on from midday to 6pm.

I will also be selling some of my Small Wonders souvenirs!!

See you there.

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Wearing owls in your hair makes you wise

For some of the pieces I made for Small Wonders, I couldn't resist making up some Woody truths.  I found these bizarrely shaped wooden pieces in the wood shop on North Road and decided I liked them.  I started drawing a woman with a bun hair style but suddenly there was an owl hiding in the hair.  And then other.  And so the first Small Wonders Myth was born:  in Portugal in 1900s women would wear owls in their hair to make them wise.

Woody's Wooden Rulers have arrived!

38cm of pure wood - oh and a little bit of mental on the top edge so you can cut out your own art. Functional art - wicked.  There's only 90 of them (hand numbered by moi) so get them while you can.  

If I sound ridiculously excited by this ruler, it's because I am ridiculously excited or merely ridiculous.  

I forgot to say it's part of my souvenir range for my current Brighton exhibition Small Wonders.

Monday, 22 June 2009

Woody at the summer Art Junky this Sunday

Come find the Woody Stall this Sunday 28th June at the summer Art Junky Market - at the Phoenix, Brighton.

It’s only a £1 admission and there will be lots of Woody deals on apparel and stationery.

Plus a free I’ve got a Woody badge with every t-shirt purchase! Oooo yeah…

Friday, 19 June 2009

Small Wonders Private View

Thank you to all those who made it down to the Small Wonders Private View at Boxbird Gallery in Brighton last night.  Had a beautiful evening and was so happy to see people really looking at the work rather than heading straight to the bar.

Although, we did rather enjoy the bar area with it's Tuaca and ginger beer cocktails - a Boxbird special and beautifully crafted edible small wonders from Jess and Ratna - the miniature jam tarts were dangerously addictive.

I'm very happy with the show - just sad that I don't have to keep making work for it - it's one of those themes that you can really fly with.

Thanks to Alice, Graham, Jess, Ratna and Si for all there amazing help with setting up the show - it truly wouldn't have happened without you.  And thank you to Catherine for my beautiful bottle of pink lemonade - it's so gorgeous I just want to look at it and not drink it.

We ended up in Wick Inn as usual where we suddenly remembered we hadn't taken any photos of the evening - not the best time to have a photo shoot.  We became rather obsessed with my new shoes...

This photo captures me discussing the perils of becoming bloated after prolonged drawing sessions, while co-owner of Boxbird and fellow illustrator Graham Carter looks on.

Well the Small Wonders' Show is up until 12th July at Boxbird Gallery in Brighton.  

Monday, 15 June 2009

The Boxbird Mural

From this....
to this...

I got one very brown arm yesterday when painting the Small Wonders mural outside of Boxbird Gallery.  Great fun.   It seems to have attracted rather a lot of interest already - I even made a new friend from Switzerland.  Someone asked me which country the outline was based on, but it's actually been inspired by the uneven wall.  Small Wonders opens to the public this Friday and is on until 12th July at Boxbird Gallery - prior appointments should be made if you want to come and see the show on a Monday or Tuesday.

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Here one moment...

...smudged the next.  You'd think Woody would have learnt by now...

Monday, 8 June 2009

The museum of imagination

Here’s an early viewing of a few tiny creations that will be on show in 10 days time at my first Brighton solo exhibition - Small Wonders at Boxbird Gallery.