Wednesday, 23 May 2012

What we will be making at the Creating Characters Workshop on Saturday

We will be creating characters - sketching them out and then translating them in to embriodered art works like Dolly above.

Below is the very inspiring place the workshop will take place - Brighton's new creative hub Super+Super...

In the window until Monday 28th May you will also find eleven of my new character sketches looking out to sea in Super+Super's window

Check out more info at Super+Super's website here

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Snap Shot of the Drawing Board

Here's what my drawing board looks like today.  One side chaos with ink tests. And the other side is my latest character sketch for my latest little project during the Brighton Festival.  I'm creating eleven new characters sketches and displaying them in Super + Super's window over the course of the month. A new character being introduced every other day.

This is Bartholemew.  He will be joining Angelique at Super + Super on Monday.

Check out my latest news section on my website for more info about my events at Super + Super here

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Creating Characters Workshop Comes to Brighton

The Creating Characters Workshop hosted by Brighton's new Super + Super’s founder Miss Amy Phipps and me will take place on the last Saturday of the Brighton Festival - Saturday 26th May.

It's a two-fold workshop that combines drawing and embroidery, along with techniques of coming-up with characters and tips on sourcing inspiration.

Visit for more details or to book.