Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Books designed to inspire & cherish

We take a lot of care over Woody products because if you are going to produce something then it should be worth producing.  When you are starting a new sketchbook, sometimes it's rather daunting knowing what you should draw - where to start.  So we wanted to produce a range of well-made sketchbooks with emblems and characters that would inspire and comfort their owner.

The Owl, the Stag and the Ship sketchbooks are books to hold wonders, details and adventures - both imagined and real.  All cloth bound, each one is block foiled with a front design and story on the reverse.  They hold 190 pages for their owners to map out paintings, write stories or sketch out storyboards.

I think one of the biggest complements an artist can receive is when people say you have inspired them.  I hope these sketchbooks motivate all your creative people out there to make your own work...

See full range of sketchbooks here

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