Friday, 10 December 2010

The Story of Aurora - Yorkshire Sculpture Park Installation

The Bretton Estate, home to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park since 1977, was designed over 200 years ago as a private pleasure ground. One of its 18th Century owners, Sir Thomas Wentworth, created lakes with small islands to house exotic animal menageries & commissioned a ship called the Aurora.

Inspired by these historical events, I created an imagined narrative where the Aurora returns to the pleasure ground, carrying characters from distant lands. It was important for me to draw from the history of the site in order to create a artwork that was relevant to it's surroundings.

The architecture of the visitor centre with its clever use of glass blurs the boundaries between being inside and outside – inviting visitors outside and bringing in the park. The windows become the perfect inbetween space, where we can play with another duality, the real & the imagined.

Freeing the drawn line from the page, my illustrations are translated on into vinyl & run along the twenty metre concourse windows at Yorkshire Sculpture Park.

At 3pm each day, I've been told that the Aurora casts a perfect shadow on the wall opposite.  At the moment the drawings have the backdrop of fallen snow.

The installation is part of my exhibition Mirror Mime, which showcases over 20 new works including originals & screen prints.

Mirror Mime is now on show at Yorkshire Sculpture Park until 27th Feb 2011.

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