Monday, 12 September 2011

Looking Back to Look Forward

So it’s September. If you live in the UK that means Autumn.  A buffer month between us & Winter. The side effects of this season change already apparent, noticeably it’s getting darker earlier.
As we come to terms with saying goodbye to Summer, albeit rather heartbroken & jaded, at least there’s a bounty of food to console us in Autumn.
However, as the blackberries disappear & darkening days creep in, we have some tips at staying bright during the Winter months - taken  from Woody’s sell out Topshop collection Star Gaze in 2008:
* It’s easier to daydream when the days get darker *
Time to make plans & come up with ideas.  Be inventive & creative.
* More time to watch the stars *
Take up astrology or simply be on the look out for a falling star.
* Be a Trend Setter *
Don’t just wrap up. Dress up!  It’s a chance to wear more of your favourite clothes & style new looks.
* Be musical *
Maybe your Summer was full of Festivals, dancing and singing along. Maybe it’s time you took up an instrument & wrote your own track.
* Enjoy staying indoors *
Without the temptations of the Summer, you can be more productive.  Start writing a short story, take up drawing, knit your own jumper!
All concepts, images & words © Zara Wood 2008 All rights reserved.

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  1. Great blog and amazing illustrations! I love the illo of the girl with the keyboard, and that t-shirt is awesome! :)


Thanks for your comment. all the best, Woody :0)